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Reiki Treatment

Gentle hand placements at specific chakra points transfer healing energy to the client. This powerful method of healing promotes overall wellness; Reiki can boost the immune system, increase endorphin levels, and transmit healing energy to organs and glands as it balances the corresponding chakra system. This treatment is geared towards chakra and mental/emotional clearing and balancing, goal manifestation and challenging physical and emotional situations.

30 min $60

1 hour $95

3 session package $255

The Jōti! – Intuitive Bodywork Session

A ninety-minute session like no other. A 30-min relaxation massage combines rocking, compression and Swedish massage to relax and prepare you for an hour-long Reiki Guided Intuition session encouraging Mind, Body & Spirit to heal.

90 min $140

Distant Reiki

Distant Reiki works exactly the same way as an in-person treatment.  Some say they are actually able to have a deeper experience in their own environment.  I can do a Distant Healing Session anywhere in the world.  Reiki is energy and not limited by time or space.  The sessions are conducted exactly like an in-person session.  I connect with you at the start of the session via email to set an intention and answer any questions, I ask the client to be in a quiet, restful location for the duration of the session.  We conclude with a follow-up email or brief phone chat.

1 hour $95

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House Clearing – Reiki Blessings

Is your home or space feeling like it’s lacking its mojo?  Over time or due to an event our spaces can collect unwanted energy just like we do!  If your home or office is feeling oppressive, accidents are occurring, or you simply want a ‘Spring Clean’ for your space I make house calls in Charleston, SC (within 25 miles of downtown)!  I use Angelic grid work and sage to clean and to clear your space and then Reiki to infuse and bless it!

First hour $100

Up to every 30 mins thereafter $50 (pricing depends on size of space and amount of clearing necessary)

Reiki for Animals

Give your domestic or farm animal the gift of healing Reiki.  Our animals are much more in-tune with subtle energy and respond well to this calming treatment.  Rescued and injured animals benefit in the same ways as humans.  By creating tranquil space for healing to occur the immune system and emotional body can improve and accelerate healing.

1 hour session $85

3 session package $240

Medical Reiki

In-Room Treatment

Reiki is a great tool for stress reduction and relaxation which triggers the body’s own immune system and creates space for healing to occur.  This Reiki Treatment is geared toward accelerating healing within a medical setting.  I have treated a variety of clients including patients in ICU, chemo suites and hospital rooms for general surgery, coma, cancer and high-risk pregnancies to name a few. I travel to your location at the medical facility.  If I am treating in your room no doctors note is required.  As a courtesy it is recommended that the nursing staff be informed when possible.  (Please note I will do my best to accommodate the scheduled time but flexibility is requested when dealing with interruptions beyond my control such as nurse, doctor or tech visits, etc.)

1 hour $150

Medical Reiki

Pre-Op, Surgery, Post-Op

Reiki sessions Pre & Post Operation and during surgery are available and require doctor permission and in some cases the permission of the hospital.  Personal support during this important time can be an invaluable comfort.  Reiki can calm emotions, boost the immune system, increase endorphin levels, lower pain levels, lower blood pressure and transmit healing energy to organs and glands as it balances the corresponding system.  Reiki also benefit’s the medical team adding a patient centered calm focus to the procedure.

1 hour $150

Travel and accommodation outside Charleston, SC are additional.



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