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CACAO Ceremony

Next Ceremony! Cacao and Sound Meditation

May 23rd 3-5pm! 

This is going to be a very special event! Join me and Arlyn of Awaken Spanda for a Cacao and Sound Bath ceremony on Sunday May 23rd from 3-5pm.  We will join together to sip a special Costa Rican Cacao and let the medicine open our hearts and minds, then be immersed in scared sound as Arlyn weaves her magic!  Space is limited.

Join in with your Tribe, as we gather together to enjoy a warm cup of Cacao, Community, Guided Meditation, and heart opening Activations!

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This course is designed to offer the tools and activations for accessing our Awakening Consciousness, our Divine Light within. Together, with a like-minded tribe of Light Workers dedicated to the Path of Awakening, we will explore the aspects of these times we were born into, unlike any other, and take the Divine opportunity to step firmly onto our Ascension Path.
The course begins on April 12th at 6pm and runs every Monday from 6-9pm for 5-weeks (through May 10).


Reiki Treatment

Geared for the current Ascension timeline. This personalized energy session includes chakra balancing, Downloads of Light Code Activations, release of outdated patterns, calming the mental body, increasing endorphin levels, and transmitting healing energy to organs and glands as it balances the corresponding Body/Mind/Spirit system. This treatment is geared towards general balancing, trauma, pain relief, mental/emotional clearing, healing, goal manifestation an Ascension work.

30 min – $75

1 hour – $115

Distant Reiki via Zoom

Distant Reiki works exactly the same way as an in-person treatment and some say they are actually able to have a deeper experience in their own environment. Reiki is energy and not limited by time or space, Distant Reiki can be sent anywhere in the world. We will connect at the start of the session to set an intention, I ask the client to be in a quiet, restful location for the duration of the session and we conclude with a discussion of our Reiki experience.

1 hour $115

30 min $75

Sacred Conversations

I am here for you. During this current climate, we are faced with an extraordinary level of stress and confusion that can be difficult to untangle alone. At the same time as the pandemic hit, so too, have powerful forces of Ascension energy and downloads been intensified. Although welcome, spikes in the Schumann Resonance, intense astrology influences and spiritual downloads, can also place a burden on the Central Nervous System, leading to more stress.

Sometimes we need a sounding board in order to gain clarity and move forward. During this special 45 min session I open my channel to Source, through Reiki, the Spirits of Sacred Medicine, and my Guides to offer deep listening and creative solutions from Source.

If you need someone to talk to please reach out. All sessions will be conducted via Zoom and can be booked through the website.

$50 per 45 minute session

Medical Reiki

Pre & Post Op, Surgery,
Hospital Visits

Reiki is a great tool for stress reduction and relaxation which triggers the body’s own immune system and creates space for healing to occur.  This Reiki Treatment is geared toward accelerating healing within a medical setting.  I have treated a variety of patients and conditions in ICU, chemo suites and hospital rooms for general surgery, coma, cancer and high-risk pregnancies to name a few.  Personal support during this important time is an invaluable comfort.

1 hour $150



100% Pure, Ceremonial Grade Cacao makes every endeavor better!  Whatever your excitement, Keith’s Cacao will facilitate ease, enhance the experience and bring forth your personal brand of magic!


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