Reiki & Wellness Retreat Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Wellness Retreat in Mexico, early 2021!  Stay tuned for details!

Sacred Valley Journey – Ayahuasca & Integration Retreat

August 21-30, 2019 in Peru


Our 10-day Retreat will be held at the beautiful Las Chullpas Eco Lodge, just outside of Cusco.  Our Retreat includes deep and intensive work with the Medicine during 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies in the Shipibo tradition. It ends with 3-day integration work, traveling to pilgrimage sites in the Sacred Valley, land of the Inca, and receiving direct transmissions through the Q’ero lineage. Our facilitators combine the wisdom of the plants with heart centered psychological and somatic approaches to healing. This allows us to embrace all that we have received and return home grounded in our experience.

During our retreat Las Chullpas Eco-Lodge is reserved solely for us, creating a sacred container for life-changing work.

Dates: AUGUST 21-30, 2019
Location: Las Chullpas Eco Lodge, just outside of Cusco, Peru

Ayahuasca allows us to go very deep within ourselves and heal past traumas and let go of that which no longer serves our highest purpose. This medicine can offer powerful guidance, allowing you to move through fears that are holding you back in your life. The process can be very intense emotionally and physically. This master plant creates a purging effect as blockages are being cleaned from our physical and energetic bodies. This can manifest as vomiting, diarrhea, laughing, crying, yawning, shaking, etc. It is profound spiritual work that takes a lot of courage and trust. This medicine works with each participant in a unique way depending on what healing needs to take place.  Ayahuasca is one of the strongest known visionary plant medicines on the planet.


To bless our scared journey work, Q’ero medicine man Paco Pascual, will open the Retreat with Despacho ceremony. The maestro prepares a small universe with a balance of feminine and masculine, Earth and Heaven, the elements, the stars, sacred animals, the 3 dimensions of existence, and 4 directions. In giving reverence and acknowledgment to the living nature of the world, we are offered the opportunity to put our prayers into the ceremony, and receive blessings for our Retreat and life journey.

I am honored to be partnering with facilitators Carolina Dowell & Perdro Gorrie of Tree of Light Retreats, two incredibly gifted healers who have been working with the Medicine since 2012.  Both have many years of dedicated personal Ayahuasca work and experience in ceremony.  They have become highly regarded and recognized healers by their teachers and the many people they have shared their medicine with. They have the ability to diagnose and bring healing to very deep layers of stored energetic blocks through visions and the many icaros (sacred songs) they have received from plant Medicine.  They are a guiding light for many who have worked with them.  Carolina & Pedro bring love, boundaries, humor and a wealth of experience and I am so grateful to have them as Teachers!

To round out our Retreat we will be working with Soul House Integration.  Richard Willis & Gigi Aguilar along with Shaman Paco Pascual will support us in a smooth transition us from the intensive Medicine work to the supportive environment of Integration all while we explore the Sacred Valley of the Incas, such sites as Pumamarca, Moray, Urcos, Moray & Ollantaytambo.  They bring years of experience with the plant medicine combined with heart centered psychological and somatic approaches to our healing journey. This allows us to embrace all that we have received and return home grounded in our experience.


Carolina and Pedro have spent many years in the Amazon jungle working with the Ayahuasca on their own trauma and healing work.  Having seen the results of the Medicine work firsthand, these powerful Healers committed to supporting others on their own journeys with the Medicine. Carolina, a former registered nurse, began her training as a facilitator and worked at an Ayahuasca retreat center in the Peruvian jungle for two years. During this time, she guided hundreds of people through their Ayahuasca journeys and gained very deep insight and wisdom into the healing capacity of the Medicine. Pedro first began working with Ayahuasca in the Peruvian jungle in 2012, and feeling he had found his greatest teacher, remained in the Amazon jungle for 2 more years, learning the art of healing and facilitation at a large Ayahuasca center and furthering his connection to the Shipibo culture through “plant dieta” and the creation of music projects with the native healers.

Indeed, music is a big part of the work. During ceremony, Icaros, ancient songs from the spirit world, are sung for different purposes. Icaros are considered to be living energies. They are spirits not just songs, used to heal, take out illness, clear energies and untie knots in the mental or physical body that is creating imbalance. We will also use music and song to create community and bonding after nights of Medicine work into the wee hours of the morning. Creating community through our shared bonds is indeed a beautiful addition to our Ayahuasca work!


  • 3 Facilitated Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • Travel to sacred sites with Shaman Paco Pascual and receive direct energetic transmissions from the Q’ero lineage
  • Learn traditional energetic cleansing techniques
  • Group & individual Dream work
  • Basic understanding of trauma & the nervous system with practices to help bring balance
  • Somatic awareness to connect to the wisdom of the body
  • Offerings to connect you with your intentions & align you with your path

At all times during our Retreat myself, Carolina, Pedro, Pascual, Richy & Gigi will be available to support you.  The cost of the Retreat is $2,450 for a single room with private bath or $2,150 for a Shared Double with bath.  All the rooms are unique with their own charming character and all have fireplaces and hot water for showers!  The food is freshly prepared by our lovely chef Nancy and adheres to our special Ayahuasca ‘dieta’.  There is fresh filtered water available at all times. We celebrate our last night together with a traditionally prepared, incredibly special Peruvian feast!

You will be emailed a medical questionnaire that must be filled out and returned for review to be accepted into the Retreat.  You will receive a full if a medical issue denies your acceptance.  All personal information is held in the strictest confidence.

The retreat cost includes transportation from Pisac to Las Chullpas (the retreat center) in Urubamba, everything that takes place during the retreat (including entry fees to pilgrimage sites) and transportation back to Pisac after the retreat. It does not include your airfare or transportation to and from the airport.  We ask everyone to bring between 100-150 soles as gratuity for the amazing people that care for us at the retreat center.  Optional, private sessions with Shaman Pascual are $50 dollars for each 45-60 minute healing session, and $20 dollars for each 15-20-minute coca reading.  Included in the retreat cost, Richy Willis is offering individual Somatic Sessions as part of our Integration work.  I will be holding a pre and post Retreat evenings at my office (and through Skype) in Charleston, SC for those who would like to meet to prepare and process our adventure.

I’d heard the name somewhere or another, at some point but vaguely, at a distance. But when it was time, she presented herself to me, directly. I knew with every fiber of my Being, body, mind, heart and soul that I would move through the fear and step into the next great moment of my spiritual journey. Have you heard Her call?

Trip Cancellation

If you withdraw 60 days or more before the retreat date, (Aug 21, 2019) you will receive a full refund less a $250 processing fee which can be applied to future International Retreats and must be applied within a 12-month period.

If you withdraw between 60 to 30 days prior to the retreat start date you will receive a 50% refund, unless your spot can be filled by someone else.  If your spot can be filled by someone else you will receive a full refund less a $250 processing fee.

No refunds offered 2 weeks before the Retreat begins unless your spot can be filled by someone else.  If your spot can be filled by someone else you will receive a full refund less a $250 processing fee.

Failure to attend or missing portions of a Retreat does not constitute a withdrawal, no refund will be issued.

Travel insurance is recommended.