Jōti, a point of Light, an illumination.  Jōti Reiki is enlightenment through Reiki!

Maureen Donohue started her practice in October 2003 out of a desire to specialize in client focused, heart-centered, therapeutic Reiki and workshops. Her passion is teaching and she has held monthly Reiki workshops since teaching her very first Reiki Level I class back in March of 2006.

Reiki means Universal Life Force. The practitioner uses hand placements on specific areas of the body when performing a Reiki treatment. Reiki can address a wide variety of issues, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Most clients experience warmth from the practitioners’ hands and a deep sense of relaxation and well-being after receiving a Reiki treatment.

One client states, “I look to Maureen as more than a healer, but also a teacher and a cheerleader. She helped me recognize an ability I had overlooked and has been a great source of encouragement as I’ve worked to develop that ability over the past two years. Because of the overwhelmingly positive effects I experienced from Reiki with Maureen, I attended one of her Reiki classes and now practice Reiki to share the positive healing with my friends and loved ones. Maureen is an incredible teacher.” 

Reiki Level I (12 CEU Sat/Sun 10-5)

Jan 20-21

March 3-4

June 2-3

Sept 1-2 

Reiki Level II (12 CEU Sat/Sun 10-5)

Feb 3-4

May 5-6

Jun 30-July 1

Oct 6-7 

Reiki Level III (15 CEU Fri 5-8, Sat/Sun 10-5)

April 6-8

Nov 2-4

Maureen Donohue is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider (#451500-10). Level I & II workshops are 12 CEU hours and the Level III workshop are 15 CEU hours. Class sizes are small and intimate, allowing you individual time and many opportunities to practice your new skills.  All participants receive a comprehensive manual and Reiki Certificate.  For more information please call 843-327-4761.